OneTrickPony is a recently founded PvP-focused DCS:World squadron, intending to compete in various events and leagues such as SATAL in 2021. Based around the SATAL Gold format, we are looking for German speaking F-16, F-18, F-14 and JF-17 pilots that are well versed in the subject of air-to-air combat.


Official training mostly revolves around scrims against other squadrons, where we aspire to improve our teams coordination and cohesion. Individual skills are sharpened in dedicated training sessions and regularly put to test on various public servers such as the 104th and Growling Sidewinder.


We are trying to offer an enjoyable learning environment that is free from any interpersonal drama, pronounced egos and other unnecessary nonsense.


Feel free to join our Discord in case you have any questions, want to arrange a friendly match with us or are considering to join our ranks.